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Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Welcome to my world. This blog is the easiest way I can think of - so far - to give folks an idea of what I do...and have done...for a life and a living since I was 20 years old.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Although I'm still futzing around (yeah, I said "futzing". This is a family-friendly blog) with it, this is my first draft of the portrait I'm doing of Buena Park. It's also the first in my AllMericans Project, where I choose and portray those communities that best represent my idea of the next America.

Just click on the poster to find out more.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hey! It's embarrassing to admit, but I forgot I created this blog a few years ago. I only found it this morning because I was googling myself (it's not a sin) and I stumbled across it.

Which is great because I've been pretty busy since I started this thing, so I'll start updating it...soon. But first, I've got a few other proverbial fish to fry. See ya...soon.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Lowell Thompson Creates

After over 40 years of creating for a living, I guess it's about time for me to wrap it up.

No, no. I don't mean quit. I just mean to sorta put in perspective my progress (or lack thereof) so far.  For years, when I was in the ad game, I carried around a portfolio. It was fun to pick out the stuff I liked best and present it to prospective employers. But in those days, the maximum recommended "samples" was about 12 - 16. Of course, I never adhered to the rules, so I usually had a few more...maybe 18-24 pieces.

As I got experience in creating and producing TV spots, my "book" expanded to include a "reel" - in my early days, a 16 millimeter spool of film which contained stuff my creative partner and I had been able to convince some poor client to actually spend thousands of dollars to produce and hundreds of thousands to run.

Sometimes I'd also throw in a few storyboards of ideas that never got beyond the politics of the agency or client. But since storyboards are not as easy to understand - they're like showing blueprints of a building instead of the completed building - I kept them to a minimum.